Everything in moderation,
even moderation
— Oscar Wilde

My Nutrition Philosophy 

I am passionate about the role nutrition and exercise can play in improving physical and mental well-being and believe consuming a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regulary is essential in achieving optimal health.

HOWEVER, I do not believe in any of the following things: diets, 'good' or 'bad' foods, clean eating, unnecessary dietary restrictions, diet fads, guilty foods, excessive exercise, cheat meals and having to 'earn' foods.

Food is delicious and is to be enjoyed! There is nothing better than enjoying a meal out with friends, cooking up a delicious meal for your family or trying out new cuisines. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can fit into your life easily and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your social life or happiness!. You shouldn't have to exercise to enjoy a meal out, or never have dessert, or always order what you think is the healthiest choice on the menu instead of what you think looks tastiest. I'm not saying eat whatever you want, whenever you want- clearly there are certain foods that should be enjoyed occasionally rather than with every meal- but rather ENJOY your meals and stop stressing!

A healthy diet doesn't have to be full of boring, bland 'diet' foods. There are now SO many recipe books and blogs full of nutritious recipes, healthy food brands & products and restaurants offering yummy but healthy choices. There are also millions of different types of exercise classes- including online- meaning there is something out there for everyone, exercise does need to be a chore! 

Get out there and get exploring & creating: I hope to be your inspiration!